Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-five - In the ballroom (part four)
Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-five - In the ballroom (part six)

Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-five - In the ballroom (part five)


(part five)

“Stand here,” Jacob said, pointing to where he was standing. “Jeraine? Can you go here? I’ll work the hinges. Ready?”

Jacob pulled on the hinges while Tanesha and Jeraine pushed on the panels.

“They’re heavy,” Tanesha said.

“They are solid mahogany,” Jacob said. “I think that’s why they’ve lasted.”

They pushed and Jacob pulled until the wall stood like a zig zag.

“Okay, push,” Jacob said.

Together, they pushed the panels until they were nestled in their cabinet. Jacob pulled the cover closed.

“Wow,” Jeraine said. “That’s. . .”

Jacob pointed toward Jeraine’s right. Jeraine turned to look. His mouth fell open in shock.

“Oh my goodness,” Tanesha whispered.

They were looking at a gorgeous stage with a white scalloped band shell behind it.

“What is this place?” Jeraine asked.

“Good question,” Jacob said.

“You said that it was a speakeasy?” Jeraine asked.

“It was,” Jacob said. “There are bars along the walls under the windows there and across the hall over there. When we found this hall, there were casks of ancient bourbon in the back and some foul other stuff.”

“Do you still have the bourbon?” Abi asked.

Jacob gave a slight nod. Tanesha and Abi laughed.

“Would you like some?” Jacob asked.

“Yes,” Abi said.

Jacob glanced at Tanesha, who looked at Jeraine.

“Not for me, man,” Jeraine said. “I’m. . . I think I’m in love!”

Everyone laughed.

“Give me a minute,” Jacob said.

He disappeared behind a door in the wall.

“How are you doing?” Tanesha asked Jeraine.

“I’m. . .” Jeraine put his hands to the side of his head and moved them away. “Boom. Mind blown.”

“Do you think it will work?” Abi asked.

“I. . . I don’t know,” Jeraine said. “I’ll take some pictures and send them to Jammy to see what he thinks. We have a contract so we’d have to do it through the Casino, but I’d bet we could. . .”

Jacob came out carrying three glasses with a small layer of brown liquid along the bottom. He gave one to Abi and another to Tanesha. They took a sip.

“This is really good,” Abi said.

“Weird, isn’t it?” Jacob asked.

“How many casks do you have?” Abi asked.

“Six,” Jacob said. “There’s a couple with gin, but I don’t drink it. I wouldn’t know if it had turned or not.”

“It’s likely worth a fortune,” Abi said.

“That’s why I keep it a secret,” Jacob said with a shrug. “If we ever need a booze fortune, we have it.”

“I like that about you,” Abi said.

Jacob grinned at her compliment.

“You think we can get people in here from outside?” Tanesha asked.

“Sure,” Jacob said. “I guess it depends on how many people we’re talking about.”

“We can’t have a crowd,” Tanesha said. “That would be ridiculously irresponsible.”

“No super-spreader events,” Jacob said. “That would just be embarrassingly stupid.”

“But we could get the bands in here?” Jeraine asked.

“We could,” Jacob said. “We get WiFi down here, so you could broadcast from here.”

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