Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-eight - Mysterious (part one)
Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-eight - Mysterious (part three)

Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-eight - Mysterious (part two)


(part two)

“How much is all of this?” Matt asked. “I assume we’re buying this right?”

“It’s not for sale.” Jacob’s voice came from the entrance to the ballroom.

The men turned to look at him. Jacob held Tanner and Bladen on his shoulders.

“Sorry I’m late,” Jacob said. “I’ve been working so much that. . . The boys needed a little attention.”

“Who are you?” Matt asked.

“Jacob Marlowe,” Jacob said. “I can’t really shake your hand. . .”

“Jacob Marlowe,” Matt said. “Jacob Marlowe.”

Matt looked at Jammy. Jacob continued across the ballroom floor.

“We stayed at a lodge. . .” Matt said. “In Maine? Friend of Jammy’s dad’s. . .”

“I own a few properties in Maine,” Jacob said. “Worked on them when I was in college.”

“The place was gorgeous,” Matt said. “I think that’s why it stands out to me. I kept asking who did this or that. . . how. . .”

“My mother bought this building when I was in high school,” Jacob said, moving on embarrassed by this strangers accolades. “We found this a few days before she died.”

Jacob nodded.

“My mother’s best-friend Delphie owns the entire property now,” Jacob said. “She’s not selling.”

“Fair enough,” Matt said. “Did you do all of this?”

“I’ve made it serviceable,” Jacob said. “Replaced this or that. Repaired a few things. But honestly, it was and is spectacular.”

“There’s bourbon in the storage area,” Jeraine pointed to the door.

“Is that where the bodies were found?” Matt asked. “Can we have some?”

“That’s this side of the stage,” Jacob said. “I didn’t know that it was a room until Wretched Jones arrived.”

“You know Wretched Jones?” Matt asked. “He’s alive?”

“He is,” Jeraine said. “I jammed with him for an hour or so this afternoon.”

“Damn,” Matt said. He looked at Jammy. “He’s coming here?”

Jammy nodded.

“We can work out the cost of getting this ready,” Jammy said.

“We don’t believe that it will take too much,” Jacob said. “I’m sure that you have people that you prefer.”

“I do,” Matt said.

“We are prepared to handle the upgrades,” Jacob said. “We will need help figuring out how to make it feasible and how to keep it a secret.”

“We think that the whole thing will be more. . .” When he ran out of words, Jeraine looked at Jacob.

“Special,” Jammy said, rescuing Jeraine. “Mysterious. Jeraine’s in the middle of building a new career so cryptic fits the bill. It will be good for us, and, we think — sell more tickets.”

“We have an online team,” Matt said. “They run our poker and gaming site. I’ll let them know that this is what we’re thinking. They’re all, like, twelve years old. They will geek out at this. I’ll have a list of what we need by the end of the day.”

“Good,” Jacob said. “I know that Jeraine is anxious to get moving on this.”

“What do we owe you for rental of the hall?” Matt asked.

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