Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-eight - Mysterious (part two)
Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-eight - Mysterious (part four)

Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-eight - Mysterious (part three)


(part three)

“What do we owe you for rental of the hall?” Matt asked.

“You keep asking me what you need to pay,” Jacob said with a shake of his head. “Jeraine’s family. He lives here. We’re his family and happy to help him. In any way.”

Matt gave a nod of his head and looked at Jammy.

“We’ll negotiate on the ticket prices,” Jammy said. “Get Jake 1% of ticket sales.”

Matt looked relieved and looked at Jacob.

“I hear what you’re saying about family,” Matt said. “But you’re underestimating how much money this thing is going to make. I want to be sure that, a month or six from now, you’re not going to be pissed that you bear the costs, and we make the profits.”

“Better to work this out up front,” Jammy said.

“Okay,” Jacob said. “Honestly, I’m just too tired to. . .”

“Yeah,” Matt said, cutting Jacob off. “You look it.”

“What’s got you?” Jammy asked.

“Oh, we have two underground sites funded and running,” Jacob said. “The governor made us essential and wants to dig out the funding for two other sites. We have all this pressure from the state to get things moving but we can’t get the money flowing. The bankers are just. . .”

Jacob shrugged.

“Terrified,” Jacob said. “They. . . well, no one knows what’s going to happen with this pandemic and all of. . . everything.”

“Why don’t I make some calls?” Jammy asked.

“I’m sure the money will free up at some point, we just have employees who want to work and. . .” Jacob shook his head. “We have money, but. . . No one has that kind of money and. . . Of all the things I was prepared for — this was not it.”

“I’ll tell you what,” Matt said. “You agree to 1% of ticket sales.”

Jacob nodded.

“Jammy and I will work out your money problems,” Matt said.

“How?” Jacob asked.

“My father owns a few banks and more than a few bankers,” Matt said. He pointed to himself. “Casino owner. Money is our business.”

Jacob nodded.

“Go, get some shut eye,” Matt said. “I’ll have a list for you when you get up.”

Not one to be told twice, Jacob started for the door.

“Wait,” Matt said.

Jacob turned back to him.

“Bourbon?” Matt asked.

“Feel free to have a glass, but it belongs to me,” Jacob said.

“Got it,” Matt said. “Outside entrance.”

“There is one,” Jacob said. “But it’s under six feet of dirt and gravel right now.”

“You can open it?’ Matt asked.

“I closed it,” Jacob said. “I can open it.”

“Good,” Matt said with a wave.

“Good night,” Jeraine said.

Jammy gave him a nod. Jacob left the ballroom.

“Now,” Matt said grinning at Jeraine. “Let’s take a look at this stage.”

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