Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty: Wisdom from the past (part one)
Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty: Wisdom from the past (part three)

Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty: Wisdom from the past (part two)


(part two)

Delphie turned to go and nearly ran into a woman. The woman was shorter than Delphie and thicker.

“I’m so sorry,” Delphie said. “I was lost in my own thoughts.”

“I think it was me,” Quanshay Tubman said. “I saw you looking at my girl.”

Delphie turned back to the teens.

“Do you think they. . .?” Quanshay asked.

“I don’t think that they know,” Delphie said. “They look like childhood friends who are exploring something else.”

Delphie nodded.

“But aren’t you the Oracle?” Quanshay asked.

“Uh. . .” Delphie scowled. “Hmm. . .”

“What?” Quanshay asked.

“Do you know someone named ‘Phillis’?” Delphie asked.

Gasping, Quanshay put her hand on her heart and took a step back.

“I’ve been looking for someone who knows her, but. . .” Delphie continued.

Quanshay’s daughter noticed that something was going on with her mom.

“Mom?” Kallyn called.

“It’s okay, honey,” Quanshay said to her daughter. “You enjoy yourself. I’m going to talk to Delphie a little bit.”

“Should I get J’Ron?” Kallyn asked.

“I just checked on him,” Quanshay said with a laugh. “Wild horses couldn’t drag that child away from his video games. Your little brother’s playing martial arts over there.”

“I’ll watch him,” Kallyn said.

“You’re a very nice girl,” Quanshay said.

Blushing, Kallyn nodded.

“My kids are a protective over me when my husband is gone,” Quanshay said. She added softly, “Is there somewhere we can talk?”

“We can sit on the steps over there,” Delphie said.

“By the chickens?” Quanshay asked.

“No one will disturb us there,” Delphie said.

“I’ve wanted to see those chickens,” Quanshay said as they walked to the wooden stairs up to the medical offices. “Honey told me that they are already laying?”

“We had six eggs this morning,” Delphie said.

“So soon!” Quanshay said.

“We were very lucky,” Delphie said.

“Or something,” Quanshay said. “I also wanted to ask about the black woman with the two little kids.”

“Abi?” Delphie asked.

“Is that her name?” Quanshay asked. “I see her at night, but not during the day. Her partner is. . .”

“Finegal.” Delphie nodded.

“The Prince,” Quanshay said.

“He goes by Fin,” Delphie nodded.

“Is he related to Tanesha?” Quanshay asked. “They look like kin.”

Delphie nodded.

“The kids say that he’s a fairy,” Quanshay said.

“He’s a fairy prince,” Delphie said.

“And she?” Quanshay asked.

“Would you like the truth?” Delphie asked.

Quanshay fell silent as they walked to the steps. Delphie sat down on the edge of bottom step and Quanshay sat down on the other edge of the steps.

“We could go up but the people with the coronavirus sit out there,” Delphie said. “I figure we should just give them some space.”

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