Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-two: Can you call those assholes? (part two)
Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-two: Can you call those assholes? (part four)

Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-two: Can you call those assholes? (part three)


(part three)

“Call Blane,” Jill said.

“Go to bed,” Jacob said.

Jill grinned at him.

“Good plan,” Jill said. “Can you. . .?”

Jacob picked up Katy. Sound asleep, Katy nestled into him. Jill held out Paddie and Jacob took the child from her. Jill got up.

“Actually. . .” Jill pointed to the small restroom out here.

Jacob nodded. Jill slipped into the restroom. Jacob carried Paddie and Katy to Katy’s room. Jill returned in time to slipped Katy into her bed while Jacob was changing Paddie. Jill put Paddie into his bed. The children settled in to the warm quiet of their familiar beds.

Jill kissed Jacob as he pulled the door to Katy’s room closed.

“Good luck today,” Jill said. “Remember, you’ll be called to do things that you cannot imagine doing.”

“Delphie?” Jacob asked.

“You,” Jill said. She kissed him again. “We’ll be fine.”

“Thanks for taking care of everything that matters,” Jacob said.

She gave him a soft smile. He stroked her cheek and turned to leave. He looked back when he reached the door. She was just moving into their bedroom.

Smiling to himself, he left the loft and dialed Blane. He was halfway down the stairs when Blane picked up.

“Where are you?” Jacob asked.

“Waiting for you in the kitchen,” Blane said with a laugh.

“What?” Jacob asked.

Jacob made it down the stairs. He saw Blane standing in the kitchen making coffee. Jacob hugged him.

“How did you know?” Jacob asked.

“I know the man,” Blane said with a grin.

“Delphie?” Jacob asked.

“No, actually,” Blane said. “I just. . . I don’t know, I knew you’d get something going.”

Jacob laughed.

“We need to go,” Jacob said. “The governor thinks that we can get the funding for the other two sites, but only if we get this one up and running today. He wants to tour it with the press so he can show how Colorado gets things done safely.”

“Then let’s get it up and running,” Blane said.

“I have to call. . .” Jacob started.

Aden came into the kitchen. Jacob’s mouth fell open. Laughing, Blane held out an arm and the men hugged.

“How. . .?” Jacob asked.

“We moved back last night,” Aden said. “I thought it was foolish, but Sandy wanted to be with her friends and the kids. Plus, that Quanshay did her toes. Sandy’s been very upset about her ‘ugly toes.’”

The men gave each other baffled shakes of the head. Aden shrugged.

“What can I say?” Aden said with a shrug. “I’d do anything for her.”

Aden smiled and put his hand on Jacob’s, “And you.”

Aden looked at Blane.

“What’s next?” Aden asked.

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