Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-one: Lives inside of you
Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-two: Can you call those assholes? (part two)

Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-two: Can you call those assholes? (part one)


(part one)

Monday early-morning — 3:21 a.m.

“Hey,” Jacob said in a soft voice.

Jill was sitting in their reclining love seat near the windows. He could just see the top of her head over the cushion. When he came around the loveseat, he saw that Jill an arm over Katy and another over Paddie. The children’s faces were tucked up between the couch and her body.

Jill opened her eyes when Jacob touched her knee. She gave him a lovely smile which his body responded to immediately. Grinning at his lust, she glanced from side to side. He gave a nod to acknowledge the children.

“What’s happened?” Jill whispered.

“I’ve been waiting for a call from the governor,” Jacob said.

Jill nodded as if that was obvious. He looked a little embarrassed but continued.

“He just called,” Jacob said. “We have funding for ‘at least’ one of the projects, possibly all of them.”

“But he’s not sure?” Jill asked.

“He’s only sure about the one,” Jacob said. “We should know more by the end of today.”

“What does that mean?” Jill asked.

“He wants us to get the first project up and running,” Jacob said. “He said that it will show people that we can do the project ‘safely and efficiently even in a pandemic.’ He wants to tour the site by no later than this afternoon.”

“Yikes,” Jill said. “What will you do?”

“I’ll call Aden,” Jacob said. “But. . .”

“His hands are full with all of this job share stuff,” Jill said.

“Exactly,” Jacob said. “Do you know if Blane and Heather are in the new house?”

“They finished moving in last night,” Jill said. “After dinner with the Templars.”

Jacob gave a worried nod. His eyes drifted across the street. He wondered if he should interrupt Blane now that his dreams had come true.

“You were working on this,” Jill said.

Jacob’s eyes flicked back to her. She nodded.

“You should call him,” Jill said.

“Who?” Jacob asked.

“Blane,” Jill said. “He’s waiting for your call.”

“But. . .” Jacob said.

“He’s your friend and cousin,” Jill said. “He’d want you to call.”

Jacob gave her a worried nod. He and Blane had gotten close after Enrique was out of Blane’s life. In all of their years together, Blane hadn’t had a love relationship. As happy as he was for Blane, he worried about what that meant for him.

“You’re being silly,” Jill said.

He scowled rather than admit that she was right.

“What happened here?” Jacob nodded toward Paddie and Katy.

“Their friends went home,” Jill said. “Paddie has been so sick that he and Katy haven’t been able to play with their friends. He’s ready to play now, and they’ve gone home.”

“And Katy?” Jacob asked, reaching out to smooth his precious daughter’s hair.

“Our daughter will never miss a chance to participate in a meltdown,” Jill said.

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