Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-two: Can you call those assholes? (part three)
Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-two: Can you call those assholes? (part five)

Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-two: Can you call those assholes? (part four)


(part four)

“The governor wants us to get a site up and running. He wants to show it off today,” Blane said. “If we can get the site up and running, then he thinks that he can get the money flowing.”

“Let’s get a site up,” Aden said.

“Aren’t you too busy with. . .?” Jacob started.

“Bambi and Honey have that,” Aden said. “Let’s call Rodney and see if he can get his people going.”

“Between his team and DeShawn, Jason, and Pete, we’ll have people on site in an hour or so,” Blane said. “We should call Mark.”

“He and his team are subbing in with Honey,” Jacob said.

“At his insistence,” Aden said.

“At least we don’t have to listen to him complain,” Blane said.

“Speak for yourself,” Jacob said. “Okay, I’ll call Rodney. Blane, can you contact the equipment guys? We need to move everything to the new site.”

“They’ll complain,” Blane said.

“Everyone has a complaint,” Jacob said. “It’s tough, stressful times.”

Blane nodded and started dialing.

“Me?” Aden asked.

“We need the entire executive team,” Jacob said. “Contracting, evaluation, those guys in. . . what do you call it? Your new group?”

“Carbon neutral,” Aden said.

“Can I help son?” Sam’s scratched and breathy voice came from behind them.

Shocked, the men turned to look at Jacob’s dad. Jacob’s eyes welled with tears.

“Dad,” Jacob said.

“I’m not at my full strength son, but I can certainly make phone calls,” Sam said.

“Great,” Aden said. He put a cell phone into Sam’s hand. “Can you call those assholes in. . .”

“Scheduling?” Sam said with a cough-like laugh. “Of course.”

“We need a schedule for this project,” Jacob said, over Blane talking into his cell phone. “We weren’t supposed to start it for three months.”

“Got it,” Sam croaked.

Jacob guided his father into a chair at the kitchen table. The men set to work. By the time the sun was rising, equipment was moving toward the new site and the building crew were on site, ready to build out the buildings needed to get the project going. Rodney and the other site managers had set up a rotation of their people. With luck, by mid-day, they would the site would be ready for review.

“You know what the governor said?” Jacob asked in a quiet moment. Aden, Blane, and Sam turned to look at him. “He said that he could give us this work because of our mask policy. Crazy. These masks are putting people to work.”

“People wearing the mask,” Aden said.

“Delphie was right,” Blane said.

“As usual,” Aden said.

“You boys have done a great job,” Sam said.

The men stopped what they were doing to look at Sam. Sam nodded in agreement to his statement. They all grinned.

“We’re not there yet,” Jacob said.

They got back to work.

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