Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-three - It's a matter of air flow (part three)
Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-three - It's a matter of air flow (part five)

Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-three - It's a matter of air flow (part four)


(part four)

Monday afternoon — 2:35 p.m.

“Hello?” a man’s voice came from the side door of the Castle.

“Can someone go see who. . .” Jeraine looked up from where he was making frosting to see Max Hargreaves. “Hey Max.”

Jeraine was teaching how to make a cake to the group of teens who lived in the Castle. Charlie, Tink, Nash, Teddy, Noelle, and Ivy were leaning on the counter watching Jeraine.

“Sorry,” Max said. “I just came in. Was that rude?”

Max wore a face mask that matched his brown suit which matched his brown eyes. He was very handsome.

“Not at all,” Noelle said from her position across the kitchen counter. “We’re busy all day doing things.”

“Learning things,” Charlie corrected.

“Right,” Noelle said with a grin. “We’re learning how to make a cake.”

Noelle leaned back to show her small cakes. Max noticed that every child had a cake in front of them.

“We’re learning life things,” Teddy said. “We’re going to O’Malley’s this afternoon to practice our swimming.”

“Five,” Jeraine said.

“This is really organized,” Max said, almost to himself.

“Jill and Sandy,” Jeraine said. “Everyone has something that they know really well. I’m teaching guitar and cake making.”

“Jake’s been teaching me carpentry,” Nash said.

“I’ve been learning Spanish,” Noelle said.

“Me too,” Tink said.

“I’ve been working on divination with Delphie,” Ivy said, shyly. “And I’m learning how to knit.”

“Oh, we’re all learning to knit too,” Tink said.

All of the teens nodded.

“When the Fey kids were here, they learned to knit too,” Ivy said.

“Why?” Max asked.

“They get to spend time with Dephie,” Jeraine said at the same time Noelle said, “They made something for their parents.”

“Sounds good to me,” Max said.

“Your teacher, Steve, comes every other day to help with martial arts,” Charlie said.

“Nice of him,” Max said.

“If you hang around any longer, you’ll be teaching soon too,” Jeraine said with a laugh.

“What does Fin teach?” Max asked with a knowing grin.

“History,” Charlie said. “He has a remarkable knowledge of world history.”

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