Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-three - It's a matter of air flow (part four)
Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-three - It's a matter of air flow (part six)

Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-three - It's a matter of air flow (part five)


(part five)

“History,” Charlie said. “He has a remarkable knowledge of world history.”

“Going back before the European glaciers melted,” Noelle said.

“It’s cool,” Nash said.

“Sounds like I should come to that class,” Max said.

The children nodded.

“Most of us manage to make his class,” Jeraine said. “It’s fascinating. Since he’s a. . .”

“Fairy,” Noelle whispered.

Max grinned.

“He can show us what it looked like,” Jeraine said. “I have a much better understanding of. . . really everything.”

“We’ve been working on pandemics,” Tink said.

“Now that I should listen in on,” Max said.

“I’m sure you’re welcome,” Jeraine said. “His dad loves Alex.”

“So I’ve heard,” Max said with a grin.

“We moved it to dinner time so everyone could learn,” Noelle said.

“Dinner time?” Max asked.

“Six,” Charlie said. “Tonight, he’s going to show us the black plague.”

Max nodded but didn’t say anything.

“This is almost done,” Jeraine said. To the kids, he asked, “How do we know it’s done?”

“Oh, sorry, I don’t mean to interrupt, but I came to get my kids? Alex’s twins?” Max asked. “I think they were with Val and Mike.”

“Val and Mike are at the hospital,” Noelle said.

“She’s having her baby today,” Ivy said.

“Oh,” Max looked a little worried. “Any idea where my kids are?”

“Beau and Chase are out in the greenhouses with Delphie,” Jeraine said. “Máire and Joey are upstairs in the loft.”

Max started toward the back door.

“But the toddlers. . .” Jeraine said.

“The Wild Bunch are playing on the grass,” Charlie said.

“This is their loud and messy time,” Noelle said with a nod.

“If you want to protect your suit, you might want to go out the side door and follow the driveway to the greenhouses,” Jeraine said.

“Why aren’t my kids with the Wild Bunch?” Max asked.

“Chase doesn’t like how loud it gets,” Noelle said. “He gets overwhelmed with the kids get crazy.”

“Val’s been reading him books during the loud time,” Ivy said. “Such a sweet boy.”

Max gave Ivy a worried nod.

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