Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-one: Lives inside of you (two)
Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-one: Lives inside of you (four)

Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-one: Lives inside of you (three)


(part three)

“I know Ivan from. . .” the man waved his hand as if it was a long time ago.

Sissy nodded.

“I have seen you dance together. On the computer,” the man said. He looked at Dom, and Dom gave a nod. “Beautiful.”

“He is very talented,” Sissy said.

“As are you,” the man said. “So. . .”

The man raised his long, grey eyebrows and looked at Sissy.

“Dom says you have something for me,” the man said. “Supposed to be Templar.”

“I have a gift from the current Grandmaster of the Templars,” Sissy said.

“Oh, the grand master,” the man said with a mocking emphasis. “And why does such an important man give this gift to me?”

“The Grandmaster is looking to forge an alliance with the Louvre,” Sissy said. “The Templars have a number of historic weapons and art work that they would like to donate to France through the museum. He believes that items made in France and should belong to France. The Templars are a part of France’s complicated history and so should be documented by her historians. The Templars are also going to head out this summer to find the Templar hoard and would like support from the museum.”

“Oh, Templar hoard?” the man’s eyebrows worked for a moment. His eyes flicked to Dom. “This is a joke.”

Dom shook his head.

“This is truth?” the man asked.

“What is truth, sir?” Sissy asked. “I can tell you that I am relaying facts. The Grandmaster of the Templars did give me this knife. He did ask me to speak these words to you. He told me that he is heading out to find the hoard. And, given my knowledge of the man, he will likely find the hoard this summer. Those are facts. Truths.”

“Good answer,” the man said. “What is it that you wish for? Legitimacy?”

“You have heard of the salt mine find?” Sissy asked. “In Poland?”

The man’s head went slowly up and down.

“You have work from the mine here,” Sissy said. “You are looking to authenticate a few paintings, tapestry, and statuary.”

“Not here,” the man said. “But in the Louvre. Yes.”

“The salt mine belongs to my sister, Sandy Delgado,” Sissy said.

The man’s eyebrows shot up again.

“I am Sissy Delgado,” Sissy said. “I can show you my identifications, in case you wish to confirm this fact.”

For the first time, the man gave Sissy true consideration.

“I heard that they found the head of a girl. . .” the man dangled the fact as it was a worm to a fish.

“My sister and her friend found the remains of a head just a few hours ago,” Sissy said. “There are documents with the remains. The entire find is currently with our state archeologist. She and a forensic team will review the remains. We have a process in Colorado that naturally includes the native populations. Everyone is anxious for the results of their investigation. For now, we have no information.”

The man’s head went up and down slowly.

“Show me,” the man said.

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