Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-one: Lives inside of you (five)
Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-one: Lives inside of you

Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-one: Lives inside of you (six)


(part six)

“We went to Africa to see where our people came from and to go on safari,” Quanshay said. “It was all of the money we had but we had a good time.”

Abi nodded.

“He’ll remember meeting a dark skinned woman on the side of the road,” Abi said. “I gave him something.”

Quanshay took a shell shaped into a moon from under her blouse. She reached behind her neck to take off the necklace the shell was attached to.

“Is it this?” Quanshay asked, holding the necklace out to her.

Abi smiled. She reached out to touch the shell.

“What is this?” Quanshay asked. “I thought it was ivory so I took it a place to have it evaluated, but they said they’d never seen anything like it.”

“It’s the shell of a creature that used to be on earth,” Abi said. “I told him to say. . .”

“‘This creature was alive and now is long forgotten,’” Quanshay said. “‘Let’s live our lives so well that being alive is the point.’”

Quanshay shook her head.

“It’s the message I keep getting,” Quanshay said. She sighed. “I. . . It’s been very hard.”

“Yes,” Abi said. “These pandemics are awful for humans.”

Quanshay turned to look at Abi.

“You’re not human,” Quanshay said. “You’re not fairy. Is there another kind of being? Mermaid?”

Abi grinned.

“I love your mind,” Abi said. “So curious. Your son is like this.”

“Which one,” Quanshay said.

“J’Ron,” Abi said. “Smart, curious, funny. They are wonderful children.”

“Thanks,” Quanshay said softly.

“You’ve asked me what I am,” Abi said. “I will tell you if you tell me what you are.”

“Me,” Quanshay said. “I’m a mom, a wife. I. . . do nails. I. . . human. . . Honestly, I haven’t been living my life so that living is the point. I think Royce does that but me? I’m all about homework and cleaning the house and getting dinner on the table and. . .”

Quanshay sighed.

“It’s exhausting,” Quanshay said.

“And so boring for a curious mind,” Abi said.

Quanshay gave a guilty nod. She opened her mouth to justify her words and express her undying love for her children but when she looked at Abi, she knew that Abi didn’t care about all of that.

“I am everything,” Abi said. “I am this planet and every living thing that is on this planet. A tiny part of me lives inside of you. Do you know what that means?”

“I am everything,” Quanshay said. “I am this planet and every living thing that is on this planet. And the kids?”

“Every human has a piece of me,” Abi said. “Every creature, plant, blade of grass, bird in the sky, even the smallest of insects — I am life and in that, I am this living, breathing planet.”

The next thing Quanshay knew, she was lying in bed. Surprised, she sat up in bed. There was a tap at the door.

Honey stuck her head into Quanshay’s room.

“They’re coming home,” Honey said.

“Really?” Quanshay said.

“They’re landing in a few minutes,” Honey said. “They’ll be home by Monday.”

Quanshay got out of bed and started jumping around the room. Honey joined Quanshay in the joy. They laughed and cheered until Quanshay stopped jumping around.

“We have to go home,” Quanshay said.

“Why don’t you get dressed first?” Honey asked. “Take your time. We’ll talk about what’s next.”

Grinning from ear to ear, Quanshay nodded. Honey pulled the door closed.

Royce was coming home and her life was going to start a new.

Smiling to herself, Quanshay went to shower and get ready.

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