Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty-Nine: As if there wasn't enough going on... (part one)
Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty-Nine: As if there wasn't enough going on... (part two)

New websites, new changes.


January 25,2021 

We're getting ready to sort of/maybe shift the Denver Cereal over to this site.


You'll notice that this site is a little more streamline than the old site.

1. Probably the biggest change is that all 12 years of Denver Cereal is no longer available on this site.

In this site, we are posting everything that is not yet in book form. Right now, Denver Cereal is available in very affordable eBooks, paperback books, and even signed paperback books. A lot of people don't actually know that the chapters are edited and put into book form. This is a way of highlighting that these books are available.

We are just trying this out. If it turns out that people want the early chapters, we can always put the chapters back. For now, we're going to try this other method.

2. This site contains both the chapters and the daily posts of Denver Cereal.

Previously, the chapters were located on Stories by Claudia. We decided to move all of Denver Cereal to the Denver Cereal website. 

This feels like radical change for us, but it likely not going to affect you at all.

3. We are radically changing the way our websites work. 

You may not know this, but we have a lot of websites. Claudia has a variety of interests which, over the years, have become websites. 

In the next week or so, we are releasing an all encompassing website under the umbrella of the Stories by Claudia site. This site will be released on February 1. It will take a few days for everything to click into gear. We ask for your patience.


As always, if you have anything to say, feel free to write Claudia. She loves to hear from you.

We hope that the new websites will serve you better. 

Thank you for reading and caring!

Be well!


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