Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty-Nine: As if there wasn't enough going on... (part five)
Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty-Nine: As if there wasn't enough going on...

Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty-Nine: As if there wasn't enough going on... (part six)


(part six)

Nelson opened the door. He sucked in a breath.

The room was beautiful. It was everything he could have ever wanted and then some. The back wall had a large window that opened out onto a tiny patio. He floated through the room touching this and that. There was the antique armoire he’d used when he was a child. The mirror that had been his mother’s hung on the wall next to a closet filled with his suits, workout clothing, and even a chest of drawers with everything else.

The walls were painted a color that he couldn’t begin to describe. The floors were made from his favorite wood — beetle-kill pine that meant that they were light yellow with streaks of blue. The bed was. . . perfect. He recognized the bedframe as one he’d used where. . . This was from his father’s home as well!

Nelson wandered into the bathroom to find all of his favorite products lined up waiting for him.

Waiting for him.

It was like this entire life — his entire life — was waiting patiently for him.

He came out of the bathroom and went out to the open windows. Blane was sitting at a small table reading a book. There was a bottle of champagne and two empty glasses. Blane looked up when Nelson appeared at the door.

“What do you think?” Blane asked.

“Wow,” Nelson said. “I don’t think that I’ve stayed at a hotel that was this nice. It’s perfect.”

Blane grinned.

“Did you do this?” Nelson asked.

“No,” Blane said. “This was Jill and Jacob. I found a few things for them, but mostly it was them.”

“The only thing that I notice is that this patio is too small for my telescopes and. . .” Nelson started.

Blane pointed to something behind Nelson. He turned to look. There was a spiral staircase that went up.

“Shall we?” Blane asked.

“I don’t want to miss our time together.” Nelson gestured to the champagne.

“We can take a look and come back down,” Blane said with a grin.

Nelson gave a nod to Blane and started up the stairs. Very soon they were at the top of the building. A wide patio was cut into the roofline. There was a gas barbeque and a comfortable outdoor seating arrangement

“This was attic space,” Blane said. “We thought it would be perfect for a little observation platform. All of your gear is. . .”

Blane pointed to a closet sized space with a microwave, a small refrigerator and a closet.

“We took the liberty of putting all of your star watching stuff in there,” Blane said. “Even all of the stuff from your attic.”

Blane opened a door in the little space which opened a long storage space where his books, charts, and telescopes were arranged. Nelson giggled like a school boy. He went through the space and touched everything.

“This is. . .” Nelson said. “Is yours ready too?”

“All of our space,” Blane said. “Tanesha and Jeraine’s is the last space to finish because Jeraine has been a little slow to let go of control.”

“Ah,” Nelson said. “I never would have given over this much control.”

Blane nodded.

“Lucky, I’ve been so sick,” Nelson said.

Blane grinned in agreement.

“I need to rest,” Nelson said. “I have to meet with the Templars this afternoon.”

“Yuck,” Blane said.

“I know,” Nelson said. “But I have time for champagne and you.”

Blane turned in place and jogged down the stairs. Laughing, Nelson followed him.

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